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update and shout out




ozzy shout





* Pat & band in Louisville KY ( Ozzy impersonator )


* Paul & band in Traverse City MI ( Ozzy impersonator )


* All my friends at the many OZZFEST i've attended.




* Drew in Boca Raton FLA. ( works for American Royal Arts ) * My beautiful daughter Lara & granddaughter Hannah *


* Vonnie in Chula Vista, CA * Darrel & Tammy in MO. * * Samantha in Elizabethtown, KY * Ben in Lexington, KY. * * Dave in Maceo, KY ( a true rock-n-roller ) * * My nephew ERIC in Arizona ( Big PANTERA Fan ) "we miss YA"


* My grandson & concert coconspirator, Timothy *


* A BIG SHOUTOUT to Dana in Hawesville, KY who built this website, " THANK YOU SO MUCH ". *** * Paul & Becky ( great couple, we met at ZZ Top )


* My wife Roxanne, who is truly my BEST FRIEND, I LOVE YOU **


* ozzfest 2008 was great. Got home Sunday night at 6 o'clock. Heres a shout to Redbone & Katie, Dylanda,Maia,


Tommy,Heather,& Landon. I would like to say, Metallica "KICKED ASS". They put on one hell of a show. Next years ozzfest i would like for Ozzy to have a contest. At each venue the best 20 rooms dedicated to Ozzy ( send in photos of your room ) would WIN up front tickets and get to meet OZZY. *** BLACK OAK ARKANSAS *** Feb. 28,2009 Milligans Lounge, Owensboro, KY Big Shoutout to HAL for the signed guitar pick. Extra BIG SHOUTOUT to VICK for the signed drumstick to add to my stick collection. " You guys were awesome. Great show, hope to see in the near future."


***** UPDATE *****


* Got our tickets for Ozzfest 2008, the cost was high but we are truely big OZZY fans & would be pissed forever if we didn't go. Will see all you OZZY & METALLICA fans on AUG. 9 in Frisco, Texas *** KICK ASS OZZY ***


* ZZ Top was GREAT, very good show. My grandson caught 2 drumsticks, Roxanne caught 1, & I got what i went for. I caught the only ZZ Top stick thrown, thanks to my sign & a BIG THANKS to FRANK BEARD ** ONE HELL of a DRUMMER *** * Got tickets for Metal Legends Tribute concert, O'boro KY. June,28 ( see you there PAT ) ! DAMN, the BIG E in O'BORO has shut down & i had 5 VIP tickets ( no money back, no concert, & no seeing PAT & BAND this year ) If anyone knows how i can contact Pat in Louisville KY please let me know. * HURRY UP OZZFEST,i need a concert BAD. And not just any concert will do, " GOTTA BE an OZZFEST "


* Thanks to all who check out my website & reply. Keep the emails coming. I will try to reply to all emails. I am new at this so please be patient. *** THANK YA'LL SO MUCH ******